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All in a days work

With a business model built on the foundation of helping everyone to the best of our knowledge and ability, in which we come into contact with regardless of the means, believing that helping people achieve a higher quality of life is the greatest reward for our efforts, it is with our deep appreciation that we occasionally receive a hand written note or card from our clients expressing their gratitude for the extra effort we had given them.

We cherish these mementos of appreciation as trophies and would very proudly like to share of couple of them and their stories with you.


Grateful in San Antonio

Two of the nicest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting live in San Antonio. One is a mother and the other is what I believe one of the nicest daughters a mother could wish for. I first met the daughter whom was referred by a friend and her concern over her mothers situation was very refreshing. I wish all my clients had a least one child that cared about them half as much as my clients daughter cares for her mother.

Upon meeting her and learning of her mothers situation, I very quickly resolved a situation that seemed hopeless for these nice people.

From that moment on I have helped these clients as I help all my clients.

The following statement was hand written and mailed to me for no other reason but to say thank you.


"This is just to say thank you from myself and my mom.

We thank God for you and we just thank you for all you have done for us.                  

We ask God's continuous blessings upon you.

We know that you don't have to do what you do and we thank you for your gift.                  

God Bless You and Your Family,"

Karen & Mother Eva


The Right Information Saves The Day

Every once in a while I will get a referral call in expecting to get a quote and buy insurance and then exactly the opposite happens.

The following card was sent to me from two people who did just that.

When Marie called in, she and her husband was on her retirement plan from the business she had retired from. Her inquiry was to get quotes for Medicare Supplements on her and her husband. She had also indicated that her retirement plan was no good and she wanted the supplements so that she could discontinue the plan.

Our policy is that when we are proposing insurance to a client that plans on replacing existing insurance, that we must first discuss the details of the plan the client is terminating ( especially if it is a retirement plan ). If the client does not know the details then we will make every effort to obtain their Schedule of Benefits so that we may determine if this would actually be in the best interest for the client.

In Marie's situation, she did not know any details of her retirement plan other than she never did see it pay for anything at her Doctors office.

With her permission I had called her retirement administrator only to discover she had one of the best retirement plans I have ever seen.

She never seen them pay for anything because she was in excellent health so she only went to the Doctor two times per years.

Her plan has a five hundred dollar deductible and a maximum yearly out of pocket of $1,500.00 which includes what she pays for medication.

To put it simply, the drug coverage alone could save her over five thousand dollars compared to a Medicare Part D drug plan.

In hopes that she could better understand and appreciate her retirement plan, I had written some of the key points of the plan and mailed her the information along with my recommendation to leave her plan in place and discontinue seeking to replace it.

Below was the response in the form of a hand written card:


"Dear Mr. Hash,              

We appreciate the time you have spent and the careful investigation you have made regarding my retirement plan.

The information you sent us is most helpful.              

This is just the information Albert and I needed and we are very grateful for your assistance."


Albert & Marie

God Bless You


So few words mean so very much

Just the smallest note of gratitude can go a long way.

A client recently wrote on a small sticky note the following words:

"Dan, You made this so easy.    

Thanks friend."    


.All the thank you cards and letters we receive gives us the confidence in saying that if you give us a chance to service your insurance needs,

we can guarantee your satisfaction.

" Sometimes, the best advice we can give is the plan you now have is a sufficient plan and the amount you are paying is a fair market rate."      

Your BEST interest comes before all others with us !

**Testimonials are submitted by Dan Hash

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