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We have offered all Medicare related products including Medicare Advantage Plans as well asMajor Medical for over a decade now. 

When the Affordable Care Act of 2010 was passed we began watching very closely in the progress and the implementation of the law. 

Because of our existing client base, we went through the vigorous contracting and certification process to be able to help our clients with the Exchange   

as well as help them pick the plan that best suites their needs.


Our strengths:


    Knowledge- Knowing the Federal & State Health Care laws as they are written and enforced. (people seem to forget when they call an insurance company 

    that they are NOT talking to the insurance company in whole, just simply a person that works for the company. When you know the laws it becomes a lot  

    easier spotting and correcting human error) Our clients benefit from that experience. 


    Informed- Staying informed on new laws as they are passed and implemented. We do this to ensure that our clients has a trusted source for new

    information as it becomes available as well as being able to help our clients determine fact from fiction, coming from all the many social settings.


    Sound Products - We constantly monitor the market and when new companies become available, we thoroughly screen them for financial strength and

    rate trend. This allows us to continue offering our clients the top selling plans with the lowest rates as we have always done in the past.

    In the last decade we have contracted with over SEVENTY top rated Carriers!


    Customer Commitment - We are proud to say that we have maintained an A+ Rating in Customer Satisfaction for over ten years with the

    Texas Better Business Bureau. We have never had a complaint filed against us because your best interest is our TOP Priority and we always complete

    our commitments. Give us the opportunity to ad YOU to a long list of Satisfied Clients and give us a call today.

    (or simply pick your plan from the instant quote and apply, we will still be assigned as your agent who's ready to give you A+ Support if you ever need it ) 

How to choose Marketplace insurance

The health plan category you choose determines how you and your plan share the costs of care. These categories have nothing to do with the quality or amount of care you get.

There are 5 categories or “metal levels” of coverage in the Marketplace. Plans in each category pay different amounts of the total costs of an average person’s care. This takes into account the plans’ monthly premiums, deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. The actual percentage you’ll pay in total or per service will depend on the services you use during the year.

1. Bronze: Your health plan pays 60% on average. You pay about 40%.

2. Silver: Your health plan pays 70% on average. You pay about 30%.

3. Gold: Your health plan pays 80% on average. You pay about 20%. Platinum: Your health plan pays 90% on average. You pay about 10%.

4. Catastrophic: Catastrophic coverage plans pay less than 60% of the total average cost of care on average. They’re available only to people who are under 30 years old or have a hardship exemption.

What to consider when choosing a plan category

Think about your health care needs when choosing a category of Marketplace plan.

     If you expect a lot of doctor visits or need regular prescriptions: You may want a Gold plan or Platinum plan. These plans generally have higher monthly  

premiums but pay more of your costs when you need care.

     If you don’t expect to use regular medical services and don’t take regular prescriptions: You may want a Silver, Bronze, or Catastrophic plan. These plans   

cost you less per month, but pay less of your costs when you need care.

     If you qualify to save on out-of-pocket costs: Silver plans may offer the best value. You may qualify for lower out-of-pocket costs based on your household size and income. If you do, you can get these out-of-pocket savings only if you enroll a Silver plan. If you make this choice you'll basically get the lower out-of-pocket costs of a Gold or Platinum plan while paying a Silver plan premium.

    If you’re under 30 or have a hardship exemption and want low monthly premiums: You may want to choose a catastrophic plan designed to protect you from worst-case scenarios, like serious accidents or diseases. Of course, it’s impossible to predict all your health care needs for the year ahead. Pick a plan that fits your budget and meets your and your family’s expected needs.     



Below is a short video on How to Choose a MarketPlace Plan from

Of course we hope we win your confidence and you go thru our website to connect to the Market Place in our instant quote tool.

Your information will still be safe, secure, and directly in the Market Place. 

We will be assigned as your agent and you will have our full support before, during, AND after the enrollment process.

We can help you get the MOST out of your health plan.

What is ObamaCare ?



Obamacare: Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 that was given a derogatory nickname,

but was condescendingly taken, and now ridiculously referred as.

The most important part of this Act requires you to have health insurance for at least nine months in 2014 and moving forward or be subject to a tax. 

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010"Standardized" Health Insurance much like Medicare Supplements were "Standardized" back in 1993. ObamaCare IS NOT government insurance nor is it insurance that is ran by the Federal Government. Simply put, the ACA designed five levels of coverage for Health Insurance and any Insurance Companies that sell Major Medical must sell their plans consistent with these five levels.

Although I do not feel that the ACA was designed with enough input from the Insurance Industry which is evident in the elevated insurance premiums,

I do feel however that this was needed years ago.                                                                                                                         Dan Hash            09/29/2014

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Texas Licensed: Health, Life, & HMO















The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 significantly changed health care in the U.S.,
making insurance available to between 32 - 50 million more Americans -- a total of 95% of the legal population.
The Act, also known as ObamaCare, is being phased in over four years. Every citizen will be required to have health insurance by March 31 2014,

or face a 1% income tax. However, they can choose how to get coverage. If they already have a plan, whether through their employers, Medicaid, Medicare, or privately, they can keep it. Those who can't currently get health insurance will have additional options -- they can purchase it from a health insurance exchange (and possibly get a subsidy) or they may be eligible under expanded Medicare guidelines. Over the first 10 years, the program adds $940 billion to the Federal budget. However, a study by the Congressional Budget Office said the Affordable Care Act would lower the budget deficit by $143 billion over these same ten years. How?

.....                                                                        The Act was designed to offsets its costs by: ..

1. Lowering payments to hospitals.                                                                                                               4. Assessing Taxes on various health related activities

2. Increasing Medicare taxes on higher income households.                                                                    5. Reducing overhead by consolidating the higher

3. Assessing penalties on employers who don't offer,                                                                                    education loan program with the Pell Grant program.

    and individuals who don't take, health care insurance.


There's been tremendous opposition before, during and after it's becoming law. Lawsuits argued that the

mandate that all U.S. citizens must purchase health care insurance from a private carrier, or pay a penalty,

was unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court ruled it was constitutional, under Congress' right to impose a tax.

The House of Representatives has voted to repeal the law numerous times. In 2013, they shut down the government & threatened to default
on the debt if not defunded. There has been much opposition, in fact, that 22% of Americans think the law has already been repealed.

(Source: U.S.Treasury, Final Regulations Implementing Employer Shared Responsibility and SHOP Marketplace)

Article updated February 18, 2014