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                                           Life Insurance Types and Options 


                                                                Four major types of non-variable life insurance coverage are:


                                                               1. Term Life

                                                               2. Whole Life

                                                               3. Guarantee Universal Life

                                                               4. Index Universal Life                                                                                                             Molly Shannon


      Each of these provides a death benefit, but they can differ significantly in length of coverage, premium flexibility, accumulation and distribution of

      cash values, and other factors. While specific policies vary by company, these general descriptions can help you understand the basic differences.


                                                           Term Life                   Whole Life                Guarantee Universal Life                   Index Universal Life



      Coverage                          Temporary Period of            Lifetime                            Up to Lifetime                                 Up to Lifetime

      Needs                                  Time 10 - 30 Years




      Cash Value                          No Cash Value                 Guaranteed          Interest Crediting Rate can be        Interest Crediting Rate can be 

      Accumulation                                                                Cash Value          can be set by the Insurance Co.      linked to the % change of an                                                                                                                                                                                                                  index




      Premium                         Fixed for an initial                   Fixed                                    Flexible                                               Flexible

      Flexibility                                   period



      Guaranteed                  For length of Term                 Lifetime               Lifetime coverage or "dialed             Guarantees typically range 

      Death Benefit                 period coverage                                              down" to any length of coverage              from 10 - 30 years



Life Insurance

There are several different types of Life Insurance

Certain types can replace the need for Long Term Care Policies